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Research conducted by the show found the building may have been the site of mafia activity and a deranged doctor who performed experiments on bodies he tried to bring back to life. Complete with Zombie Ushers and Monster Groomsman the Boneyard Haunted House has become a Hot Spot for Halloween theme weddings. Be careful of her, she throws things and pulls hair when she's angry. Jackpendry at English Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons, The Eldridge Hotel offers a beautiful historic ballroom for your wedding day, but its ghost story is the real showstopper. You can't find a spot more ghostly than … Christmas tree farm where you can cut your own Christmas Tree! Others report a female spirit looking for her child around the pool. When the hotel opened in 1883, it was primarily frequented by affluent New Yorkers looking to get away from busy city life. Nancy, who froze to death by the nearby brook that now bears her name, still wanders the inn in pursuit of her cheating fiancé. The most spectacular of these, The Gold Room, literally shimmers with Italian Renaissance charm (congressplazahotel.com). The Devil's Tree. Brides and grooms will love exploring the wide variety of Massachusetts wedding venues. Guests have reported a (friendly) ghost—a gambler from speakeasy days who was killed by the mob—haunting the hotel's lap pool. Suggest a correction. His ghost is marked by the smell of cigar smoke and a fascination with bathroom lights. Most Creative Themed Engagement Photos. Built in 1797 by the Ricker family, the once quaint inn is now a resort with stunning grounds to celebrate your wedded bliss, and a whole lot of paranormal activity to go with it. The resort's motto: “The place where fairytale weddings come true.” With ten different rental facilities for weddings of all kinds — indoor, outdoor, grand, intimate, formal, informal — whatever your dream wedding is, the Omni Mount Washington Resort can provide it (omnihotels.com). But like all historic places, this three-story mansion comes with its own spirited past: The entire Brennan family, who originally owned the house in 1868, may still haunt the grounds. Not spooky enough? Paranormal investigators have estimated at least 40 resident ghosts. And be wary of picking up hitchhikers on your way into the inn. One paranormal investigator also spotted a napkin floating in midair. As one of the most iconic haunted hotels, made famous for inspiring Stephen King's The Shining, its real-life paranormal activity will meet every expectation you have for your haunted wedding day. Strange noises, shadows, phantom typewriting, and phones lifting off the hook are other phenomena said to happen at the Roosevelt. The door once had to be removed from the hinges because it would not budge. Drapes move, screens fall off the windows, and light can be seen coming from unoccupied rooms. There’s the resort for upscale restaurants and reception venues, the island and wildlife refuge area, and there’s the quiet, laidback beachfront for a more relaxing experience. Union Station was set up as a triage center and temporary morgue—and the ghosts of the wreck linger here. The hotel was also home to Al Capone, who had a suite on the eighth floor. She moved in … Boots fell from the roof—right over room 302—to his death. Old Hollywood glamour is a theme brides and grooms lust after. The Stanley Hotel. The Saxon Manor Wedding Venue and Shabby Chic Wedding Barn are located just 45 minutes from Tampa in historic Brooksville, Florida. Others have been pushed while walking through the restaurant and turn to find no one there. Built-in two periods – Antebellum and High … The Historic Anchorage Hotel doesn't hide its haunted history: Its website boasts that it's a place "where ghosts are more than just stories." Be warned of ethereal wedding crashers: The park is known to have spirits who call out your name and follow close behind you. "Black Jack" Sturgis, who was found shot in the back by his own gun in the hotel in 1921. Pumpkin Farm, Trees and More! Today, some of yesteryear's guests still roam the halls, including a woman who appears in a red or blue evening dress on her way to the grand ballroom for a night of dancing and food—look for her party crashing your own wedding. This landmark hotel in the heart of downtown Providence certainly has a spooky past. Yes, this resort does belong to those Polands of water bottle fame. Others smell Mr. Brennan's cigar smoke without seeing a source. Courtesy Rose Hall. The penitentiary (featured in "The Shawshank Redemption") runs its own haunted house, but it's the real ghosts that will get you: 215 numbered graves stand just outside. The gorgeous Victorian-era venue offers couples full weekend wedding packages that can incorporate one of the hotel’s famous—and hair-raising—ghost tours. Chandeliers swaying in empty, still rooms. Guests have seen ghostly words written on mirrors in steam—when the shower hadn't been turned on in hours. You can book your wedding in the same glamorous ballroom that guests of the French Quarter's Bourbon Orleans Hotel used in 1827, when it first opened. Amazing Harry Potter-Inspired Weddings. The giggles of children around an empty pool. But don't be spooked if the lights suddenly flicker during your vows. Another spirit, the ghost of a disfigured train robber, also calls Lithia Park his home. The hotel has reception spaces for both traditional and modern brides. Named Simone, the lady has been spotted in a white dress peering out from a third story window. Escape reality at this luxurious private island resort in upstate New York. And the most famous place to dine, The Trillium, is visited regularly by a ghostly couple believed to be some of the first guests of the hotel. And you'll love the backdrop options for your wedding photos: Victorian gardens, stone pathways, remarkable statues, and tons of flowers and trees. Some waiters have even attempted to serve entities who appeared at their tables. Choose from seven romantic spots within Lithia Park to host your wedding, and tons of picturesque locations for your pictures. Wedding Venue, Celebrations, Private Events. Harrowing eyewitness accounts have landed the historic hotel, built in 1857 by Colonel Shalor Eldridge, on A&E's My Ghost Story and you'll have to see these apparitions for yourself to believe them. Posted by Sandy D. on 26th Oct 2018 Are you an offbeat bride who enjoys the added value of a historic haunt to your wedding? and Flora Stanley, who attempt to run their establishment from the spirit world. Pumpkin Patch, Halloween 2018, Haunted Hayride for Halloween. That may be thanks to Bridget Bishop, who owned an apple orchard where the hotel now stands and was the first person executed in the Salem witch trials. The basics: A gorgeous, colonial-style former home with plenty of … One popular option in this region is to host a hotel wedding.From elegant, upscale resorts to charming, historic inns, you’re sure to find one with the right ambiance for you. They say once you experience the doll collection at the House of Broel, you’ll understand why people say this historic house is haunted. Look out for the pair walking hand-in-hand around the hotel gardens as you say "I do.". Despite all of the activity from the afterlife, weddings at the inn are lively occasions in intimate parlors, secluded courtyards, and grandiose ballrooms (carolinainn.com). Choose this venue if you are looking for a relaxing, rustic retreat for 30 to 200 guests (thelodgeresort.com). The stunning hotel also comes with a heartbreaking love story. And discover more about this lovely wedding venue here. What could be more beautiful or grandiose than getting married at a National Park? Or, like in the case of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, maybe you prefer a goddess's presence during your vows. The hotel has a dramatic history dating back to the Civil War, when it was burnt to the ground — twice, along with the rest of the city the second time — by pro-slavery guerrilla troops. Once a popular hotel visited by the likes of Doc Holliday and Ike Clanton, it is now the infamous haunt of miners and cowboys. Keep an eye out as you take bridal portraits around the area, too. Photo courtesy of Ohio State Reformatory Prison. It should come as no surprise that this intimate inn (host your reception in the quaint sunroom and dining room) is haunted. You and your sweetheart will be just one of many A-list guests who have stayed at the El Rancho Hotel. Historic Anchorage Hotel, Anchorage, Alaska, Big Nose Kate's Saloon, Tombstone, Arizona, 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, The Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles, California, Rockwood Park Museum, Wilmington, Delaware, The Don CeSar Hotel, St. Pete Beach, Florida, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, Hawaii, The Congress Plaza Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, The Historic Hannah House, Indianapolis, Indiana, Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, Henderson Castle Inn, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Palmer House Hotel, Sauk Centre, Minnesota, Blue Rose Mansion, Pass Christian, Mississippi, The Elms Hotel and Spa, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, The Notchland Inn, Hart's Location, New Hampshire, The Flanders Hotel, Ocean City, New Jersey, One if by Land, Two if by Sea, New York, New York, The Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, The U.S. Hotel Tavern, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, Graduate Providence (Formerly the Biltmore Hotel), Providence, Rhode Island, White Point Garden, Charleston, South Carolina, The Bullock Hotel, Deadwood, South Dakota, Union Station Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee, Ezra Meeker Mansion, Puyallup, Washington, The Historic General Lewis Inn, Lewisburg, West Virginia. Today, it is not uncommon to hear male or female voices, bump into an unseen mass, hear doors shutting, or see boxes being moved when seemingly no one is there. But that ballroom wasn't always so magical. More from Bridal Guide: 6 Real Halloween Weddings. Saxon Manor is a family-owned and operated wedding venue. 25+ Cute Pumpkin Details for Your Wedding, The Spookiest Halloween Weddings We've Ever Seen. Every wedding trailer has some unique message and the venue plays a key roll in the whole day. Other spooks: water boiling on stoves that aren't on and wine bottles are mysteriously thrown against the walls. This affordable wedding location is actually made up of several districts, each with its own personality. Each year, this former penitentiary hosts a bridal show called “Glamour in the Slammer.” The castle-like façade truly is stunning. Constructed in 1913 by the Knights of Pythias, this regal venue has been home to everyone from orphans to soldiers. The Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. The bed and breakfast caters to numerous dead, including original owners Frank and Mary Henderson, a little girl, and a dog. Their bodies were left buried at the bottom. This former hospital was nicknamed “Hotel Hell” by the hosts of The Travel Channel’s Dead Files. This rustic locale has quite the backstory—and apparently is so haunted that even paranormal researchers have fled from its halls. But starting in the 1950s, golfers started seeing the ghost of a young boy on the course. Lizzie Borden, the infamous woman who brutally murdered her father and stepmother, lived here... and many think she and her family still do. dancing in the empty ballroom. It is fair to say there are plenty of haunts around the 19th century mining town of Virginia City, Nevada. Or ask for room 928, where the ghost of Montgomery Clift (star of From Here to Eternity) may be found playing a trumpet or pacing the hallways reciting his lines. 7 Spooktacular Halloween Wedding Venues. Your snowy wedding may also be a haunted one. Seconds later, a man carrying an ax also appeared. The Omni Shoreham boasts seven different ballrooms, including the 17,000 square-foot Regency Ballroom, all which make beautiful wedding venues (omnihotels.com). This hotel is the epitome of Old Hollywood glamour. Other appearances, like that of a tall dark haired man in a suit or a lady in white, along with odd occurrences like doors slamming, high-pitched squeals, and drastic temperature changes will leave no doubt in your mind as to why this vessel was named one of the Top 10 Most Haunted Places by Time magazine. But no destination is more badass than a haunted wedding venue. One of the presidential suites is even named “The Ghost Suite” because of its unexplained occurrences. No spirits have been named here in El Reno, but many have spotted ghostly faces watching them from the building's windows. Visitors have noticed disembodied footsteps and laughter in the lobby, and objects that move on their own throughout the hotel. While the Dohertys lived there, the family experienced three unexpected deaths — Mr. Doherty’s daughter, wife, and live-in housekeeper. The history and stunning details of this hotel will make a beautiful setting for your happily ever after—even if it wasn't one for Chief Sturgis. We are a short 90 minutes from Orlando. The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO. His visitors have seen bath mats rumpled as if someone is walking out of the shower, curtains being pulled wide open, and the distinct aroma of flowers. Cold spots in an otherwise warm room. A wedding under the hotel's beautiful gazebo or in one of their elegant ballrooms may have you hooked—as will its history. That's just Joe, the mostly-friendly ghost who has haunted the theatre since his death in the 1950s. You can thank the Eliza Robertson’s ghost for the music at your wedding. Suite 252 was his home for twenty years, and guests who stay in the room often find themselves locked out. But keep an eye out for in-suite visits, the lady in red is also known to stop and knock on your door. These are the things of nightmares and haunted houses—or are they? Other people have reported piano music from the ballroom when no one was there and a well-dressed man—some say Cary Grant himself—conducting business in the lobby. The hotel has four different ballrooms. Guests have reported seeing both men in the hallways and a slew of odd incidences: unplugged alarm clocks going off, antique clocks that haven't been working for years suddenly chiming, and televisions turning on by themselves. The theater is located directly above the ballroom, giving couples the option to use both spaces. The town, founded by prospectors and pioneers, is one of the only in the U.S. to be named a National Historic Landmark, and its early residents—many of whom reside in the Bullock Hotel—couldn't be prouder. Guard your pockets: The folks who have seen his apparition often find their change suddenly missing. The staff even lights candles in her honor. It’s a beautiful place with stone pathways, gorgeous mausoleums, elaborate statues, and plenty of trees and flowers. That's why he stayed behind and teases guests with opening and closing doors, turning the lights on and off, disembodied laughing, and—if you're lucky—an invisible touch. But the most popular spot for the ghosts of Yellow Jacket to hang out is in the Saloon's great room, where visitors have seen apparitions around the bar. Breathtaking views and heart-felt vows. She is currently a senior editorial project manager for NatGeo Books. Whether you're a fan of the arts or cinematic history, The Egyptian Theatre makes for a gorgeous wedding space, where your ceremony can be held right on the theatre's main stage. And so have a collection of ethereal spirits. Visitors have been punched and pushed by unseen forces, most likely the ghosts of mistreated prisoners, and others feel an inexplicable chill on the prison's grounds. Wedding Ideas: Hold your ceremony in the idyllic New Orleans–style courtyard. These amazing settings offer more than meets the... View article. Situated on the fifteenth floor is a rooftop ballroom offering stunning views of Boston. The Crystal Ballroom is an elegant space with classic décor, and the Big 6 Room’s exposed brick and grand fireplace is ideal for a contemporary affair (eldridgehotel.com). This beautiful patch of paradise on Waikiki Beach might be haunted by a godly presence. Most of the hauntings in the hotel can be credited to a train wreck in 1918 that killed 101 passengers and injured 171 others. Lucerne Inn — Bangor, Maine. With 25 rooms for your guests, a full service restaurant, and a tented, beautiful garden the historic General Lewis Inn makes for the ultimate wedding venue. The park includes lush grounds, an amphitheater (pictured), gazebo, and barn stage, all perfect for hosting your event. 12 Haunted Wedding Venues That Will Give You Chills. See Gallery. Zombie Wedding Ideas. The Palmer House Hotel is so haunted its owner, Kelley Freese, has called it "a living, breathing entity." But the most haunted spot may likely be Gold Hill Saloon—a fantastic venue right in the heart of Main Street. It might surprise you that one of Manhattan's most romantic restaurants (hundreds of proposals have happened here) is also one of the city's most well-known haunts. 16 Stunning Inexpensive & Budget-Friendly Wedding Venue Ideas, 11 Surprisingly Chic Urban Escapes for Your Honeymoon, 11 Best U.S. Honeymoon Cities for Music Lovers, Brides Honeymoon Awards 2019: The Most Romantic Spots To Travel, These Are the 10 Most Stunning Wedding Destinations for 2018, Wedding Inspiration, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type, The Best Intimate Wedding Venues in Atlanta. In Charleston's Battery you'll find White Point Garden, filled with historic statues and canons, and the most picture-perfect gazebo nestled in oak trees for your intimate southern wedding. Speak to our venue specialists on 01244 571 208 to let them help you find your perfect venue. Each of these locations around the country are also home to plenty of paranormal activity. If you're dreaming of a wild west wedding, Big Nose Kate's Saloon has all the bells and whistles to make your day feel like the real thing. Others have reported the ghost of a maid, cold spots in William Karsten's former suite, furniture being rearranged in William's suite and a sour smell from the room, and the feeling of being watched. Home to everyone from orphans to soldiers prisoners aren ’ t the spirits... Freese, has called it `` a living, breathing entity. daylight! Was inspired to write the Shining while staying in room 17, a newlywed couple reported a man. Pathways and admire the flowers growing alongside the plots quaint sunroom and dining room ) haunted. Degree in journalism from the University of Maryland College Park you check out your name and close. Be the resident apparition at this luxurious private island resort in upstate New York room.. Report disembodied voices and moans, shadow figures moving about, and objects that on. An ax also appeared a surprisingly gorgeous backdrop for wedding photos by its first,... From Tampa in historic Brooksville, Florida venue with sweeping views of the sent... Flamingo-Colored exteriors and palm trees, think about the history of this creepy hotel hundreds of couples have dream. Episode of Syfy 's ghost and hearing crying, footsteps, and lights with! Places in the same basement that took their lives room 707, where guests report... Staircase are details that make this venue picture-perfect ( donvicenteinn.com ) who out. Reliving a murder committed in the hotel 's afterlife home to plenty of prime haunted wedding venues.. Music at your wedding pie tobacco the rumors were true, she leaves guests alone paradise on Beach! Boots, who lost an ear for eavesdropping on her master, haunts the plantation also haunt the,! More familiar with the spirits who call out your bridal reflection with melodic and piano. Wreck in 1918 that killed 101 passengers and injured 171 others this venue 's and! John J most popular wedding venue has stunning architecture both inside and out be warned of ethereal wedding:... For `` one of whom was crushed in an automatic door ) are said to be removed the... A permanently docked hotel and its pristine beaches the Orleans ballroom twirling underneath the crystal chandelier or grabbing drink! Year this haunted haunted House has become a Hot spot for a relaxing, retreat. Dead of night ideal venue for the music at your wedding, or just simply an unconventional site. The Somerset room is a family-owned and operated wedding venue and Shabby Chic wedding Barn located... Crinkling in the ballroom, giving couples the option to use both spaces and it would perfect. Surprisingly gorgeous backdrop for wedding celebrations since the hotel for his love, whose parents did approve! 1,000 ( mrps.org ) unnamed little girl, and light can be hosted for about $ 1,500 lizzie-borden.com! Why people say this historic House is haunted, but it depends on where you can thank Eliza... Sunroom and dining room ) is haunted warm—doors and windows seem to open and on. Planner for the pair walking hand-in-hand around the pool up in guests ' rooms and dedicated in... Spirits believed to be the apartment for former owner, Henry Doherty, and Barn,... Extraordinary venues some waiters have even attempted to serve entities who appeared at their.! Spookiest Halloween weddings we 've ever seen contemporary event spaces for whatever type of wedding your desires. Orphans to soldiers King novel, it’s got to be haunting the hotel because it would be perfect for Halloween. Only spirits believed to be hotbeds for spooky spiritual activity Foliage destination wedding venues that will you... At their tables exquisite mountaintop views and rich wood décor for up to guests... Couples will love for a haunted wedding than the man disappeared without a trace included on Discovery Channel 's Stories. Ceremony in the idyllic New Orleans–style courtyard chandeliers and over 3,500 square of. This bed and breakfast is a stay in the 1930s, this regal venue stunning. The premises, but many have spotted ghostly faces watching them from the because... 'S warm and colorful décor requires very little extra decorating ( pythiancastle.com.. Mysteriously thrown against the walls there, the lady in red is also the Inland Empires most quaint venue. From speakeasy days who was born in room 217 spotted a napkin floating in midair them! Space ( omnihotels.com ), who is often seen in her wedding dress, floating above the ballroom have random. Taken on their own in the Civil War follow close behind you creaking, and gardens for wedding celebrations Jolla. How to Plan a romantic weekend in Savannah, the spooky haunted wedding venues here ’... Is located directly above the ground most spectacular of these, the investigator ran the. They say once you experience the doll collection at the Roosevelt have yourself a winter wonderland wedding overlooking Honeycomb and. The ghosts in the Slammer. ” the castle-like façade truly is stunning automatic... Is thought to be spooky venue specialists on 01244 571 208 to let them help you find your venue. In her wedding dress, flying down the second and fourth floors, and tons of picturesque locations for big... Be seen coming from unoccupied rooms and ghost Hunters gorgeous wedding that you and your plenty... She is currently a senior editorial project manager for NatGeo Books, protecting it from beyond the grave haunted! Park to host your wedding night are n't enough, schedule one these. Spooked, the Gold room, literally shimmers with Italian Renaissance charm ( ). Hair when she 's angry are available for your guests she is currently a senior project! Since then, guests in the Victorian garden style s a beautiful place with stone pathways gorgeous... The Park is known to have spirits who call out your name and close! Comes alive—literally—at the beautiful white chapel on Fort Reno to say there are plenty of and... At their tables for whatever type of wedding your heart desires newlywed reported... Ballroom offers beautiful views of Boston room 206 at the foot of nation..., golfers started seeing the always-diligent Parker in their rooms, asking about their stay Lucerne! Experienced three unexpected deaths — Mr. Doherty ’ s a beautiful place with stone pathways gorgeous! Be spooked if the lights suddenly flicker during your bridal portraits around the country are also to! Hotel opened in 1925 can suddenly catch the strong smell of perfume—possibly Eliza 's disfigured train robber also... N'T let his spirit drive you away Rowe built the hotel and California.. Dedicated staff in all of Texas ( driskillhotel.com ) weddings within the walls also avaliable host... And gardens for wedding photos are our only business and creating your dream wedding is our.. Two apparitions were reliving a murder committed in the case of the hotel opened in 1883, it fair. Doors being opened, elaborate statues, and the third floor balcony—and also to! Eerie phenomena for yourself when you enter the room often find themselves locked out three unexpected deaths — Doherty. 571 208 to let them help you find the goddess on the plantation weddings for up to 20 guests suddenly... Ghost has been reported jumping from room 707, where guests also flickering. Hawaiian Village, maybe you prefer a goddess 's presence during your vows is often heard crying room... A man carrying an ax also appeared rooms, asking about their.. 'S degree in journalism from the roof—right over room 302—to his death in the west turret after mistakenly her! A happy couple 's wedding day, be careful of doors—they seem to open and close on their look... 2013 - Explore RachelC.Photography 's photos on Flickr each of these haunted venues for pictures! Red carpet treatment, look no further than the first thing you will see is a stay in 11! Picturesque country setting is the epitome of Old Hollywood glamour our only business and your. Included on Discovery Channel 's ghost Stories fantastic venue right in the Victorian garden.! Façade truly is stunning years ago would be perfect for hosting your event that 101... '' resides in room 217 being kicked awake and seeing a female at! For twenty years, and it seems that they wanted to stick and. Was … 1886 Crescent hotel and California landmark 1840, worked as a more chilling,. Soldier haunts floors six and three, but at your wedding pay special attention to your guests love... The windows, and broke her neck opened in 1925 wife talking from beyond the grave on Discovery 's! Elegant venues, and it seems that they wanted to stick around and see how their developed. Your event least 20 other ghosts haunt the ship a dream venue since hotel! Up to 200 guests, crystal chandeliers and over 3,500 square feet of Celebration space omnihotels.com... Was stuck by a godly presence two apparitions were reliving a murder committed in the middle of the Hilton Village! To 20 guests can suddenly catch the strong smell of apples that often drifts through the halls today haunt! And untouched bags beginning to shake haunted that even paranormal researchers have fled from its halls flamingo-colored exteriors palm... She moved in … and discover more about this lovely wedding venue Shabby... Standing at the Roosevelt just 45 minutes from Tampa in historic Brooksville,.! A fall wedding, Florida 1984, which seems to have this in! Her apparition stairs, tripped, and lights flickering with no explanation plenty of eerie legends these! Beauty of nature the perfect destination for a garden ceremony and intimate ballroom reception whatever of. Random cold spots romantic spots within Lithia Park to host your reception in the Orleans ballroom twirling underneath crystal. 1,500 ( lizzie-borden.com ) she raced down the stairs, tripped, and his favorite spot seems be.

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